I am a Bob Ross fan. Bob is the public television painter with the poofy 'fro style hairdo that people love to imitate and crack wise on. I have painted with Bob Ross for over 20 years and I have loved every minute of my time in "my own world" as Bob would describe it.

Although Bob departed this world on July 4th of 1995 his art, his legacy, his outlook on life lives on. These quotes are from the Bob Ross Official Twitter account. They offer not only great advice about painting, but great advice about life. Rave on Mr. Ross, Rave on. 

1.That time that Bob reminded us that "work" doesn't have to be work. That true happiness comes from living your passion. 

2. That time that Bob reminded us that we grew just the way we were supposed to grow, nothing more, nothing less.

3. That time when Bob asked us to stop the madness and appreciate all of the amazing things and moments that we allowed to slip by us. 

4. That time Bob reminded those of us who have been told we are "damaged goods" that those scars aren't ugly, they're part of a bigger story, our story. 

5.That time Bob reminded us that we all need somebody and more importantly somebody needs us in return. 

6. That time that Bob reminded us that life is a laboratory. Sometimes the most important lessons you can learn come from the biggest explosions. 

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