Treasurer John Schroder says tens of thousands of Louisianans will be getting a check from the state before the end of the year for unclaimed property that’s being held by the state. The checks will be up to $1,500. Schroder says they uncovered the money after teaming up with the Revenue Department.

“We had over 85,000 individuals that we were able to match up that we owe of 15 million dollars to. That’s just for the past 5 years, we’re in the process of doing more.”

If you are owed more than 1,500 dollars, additional verification will be needed before the state will mail you your money.

Schroder estimates that the state receives about 80 to 90 million dollars a year in unclaimed property or money, and says if you want to make sure you can get access to what is yours, you need to keep your records up to date with the state.

“Families need to make sure that their elderly parents have updated their addresses because a lot of lot this money comes from insurance companies.”

Orleans Parish residents are owed 1.1 million dollars, followed by Jefferson at 998 thousand, and East Baton Rouge at 986,000 dollars.

The partnership is the result of 2018 regular session legislation that allows the Revenue Department to share records with Treasury. Schroder says they’re looking for more ways to improve the system to give back the nearly billion dollars in unclaimed resources that the state is not allowed to use for itself.

“It’s a good time of year because Christmas is coming, and were constantly looking for more ways to get this money back to the citizens of Louisiana. The state is holding over 900 million dollars.”

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