According to Scott Police, a 19-year-old student was arrested Friday morning after an incident unfolded on campus.

Early on Friday morning, we were contacted by multiple parents who were concerned about an alert from their Ring (doorbell camera) app reporting a heavy police presence at Acadiana High School.

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Soon, rumors circulated on social media stating that a student was Tazed on campus after an altercation stemming from a possible dress code violation.


Some parents began to receive eyewitness testimonies from students at the school, alleging the incident became physical after it "escalated."


We reached out to LPSS for more information and were informed that the incident was "over" and had been resolved with no harm to students or staff members.

This afternoon, Scott Police said that John Andrus, a 19-year-old Acadiana High School student, was arrested after this morning's incident on school campus.

Scott PD said they were contacted by an Assistant Principal at the school who claimed that Andrus was "not following commands, was disturbing the peace, and refused to stop or comply."

After responding, officers were able to escort Andrus to the front office when he "attempted to walk away but was stopped by officers." That's where the situation escalated.

Officers were able to escort the suspect John Andrus, 19 years of age, to the front office when he attempted to walk away but was stopped by officers. Andrus then attempted to walk away again in the opposite direction. Officer grabbed Andrus by his hand and attempted to stop him when the he pulled away and began resisting. Andrus stayed tense, constantly trying to get away from officers. Officers were able to put a single hand cuff on the right hand of Andrus, but could not get it onto his opposing hand. At this time Andrus was placed against a glass window inside of the school hallway and continued to resist therefore cracking the glass. Andrus was then able to pull away at which time he and an officer fell to the ground. Andrus arose from his feet and using his right hand, that still had a hand cuff attached, swung a punch at the officer then ran down the hall way where he ultimately slowed down and was met at Taser point. Mr. Andrus was told multiple times to get on the ground or he would be Tazed. Mr. Andrus had the handcuff still attached to his right wrist and he continued to move around while he tried to rip the handcuff away from his wrist. He continued to not comply at which time he was Tazed. Mr. Andrus fell to the ground at which time he was placed in handcuffs and complied the remainder of the time. Mr. Andrus was escorted to the School Resource Officer Office and was checked out by Acadian Ambulance Services.

Andrus was booked into LPCC and charged with the following: Disturbing the Peace, Aggravated assault on a police officer, Resisting an Officer by force and Criminal damage to Property.

Reactions on the social media post from the Scott Police Department ranged from people who felt like the situation was excessive to others who commented on Andrus' age and employment status.

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Others felt like the situation was the result of Andrus failing to follow the rules while some questioned the details behind the report.

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According to an LPSS spokesperson, the day resumed as normal.

We will update this story when and if more details become available.

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