The Lafayette Parish School System has announced a proposal to livestream video on Lafayette Parish school buses.

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Lafayette Parish School Buses Livestreaming Video

LPSS has announced plans to request the Lafayette Parish School Board begin the voting process of finding a contractor to install the necessary equipment needed to livestream video from school buses in Lafayette Parish according to KLFY.

The request will reportedly take place at Wednesday's meeting (0713/22).

Lafayette Parish school bus driver Tony Livings tells KLFY he is in full support of having livestreaming video on buses because "it protects the bus driver and protects the individuals on the bus."

Currently, cameras are already installed on Lafayette Parish school buses.

Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

School Bus Cellular Video Live Streaming

The official name for the proposal being discussed at Wednesday's School Board meeting is being referred to as the "School Bus Cellular Video Live Streaming" request.

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"The school district explains that staff will be able to access the livestream video from their office. Staff will be able to track where a school bus has been, identify and respond to incidents quicker and see if drivers are making their stops."

At this time, the proposal doesn't mention anything about allowing parents to have access to the livestream according to KLFY.


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