For those of you who are reading this article from someplace, that is not South Louisiana or the Gulf South in general you just don't understand the importance of that first legitimate cold front of the season. You see, here along and south of I-10, we have been putting up with temperatures in the 90s and heat indices well into the triple digits since May.

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In addition to that heat and humidity, we've had to dodge a few tropical weather systems too. So the arrival of the first legitimate cold front signals that there is at least an end to the "sweating in places you don't like to talk about" season and the hurricane season. Now, I do understand that we are far from out of the woods as far as the tropics go and I also understand it will be back into the 90s by this time next week. But, you have to take those little victories where you can find them.

As of now the best prognostication on the cold front's arrival into South Louisiana will be during the day on Tuesday. Folks in South Louisiana will have to deal with an afternoon high of about 90 on that day and a pretty solid chance of showers and thunderstorms.

However, by Tuesday afternoon, most of the heavy weather associated with the front will have moved through and the winds will begin to swing around from the west and eventually the northwest.  When you wake up Wednesday morning it will seem a lot cooler but it actually won't be.

The temperature on Wednesday morning will bottom out in the upper 60s but will only warm to near 80 for the afternoon. Wednesday night is when you'll want that jacket, extra blanket, and something warm to sip around the fire pit.

The temperature on Wednesday night will drop into the middle 50s. Which will seem downright cold. Because a reading of 56 will be about 20 degrees cooler than this morning's current reading of 76. We can expect another brisk morning on Friday morning too.

Unfortunately, the cooler temperatures will only last a few days, by this time next week we will start to see afternoon high temperatures climb to their seasonable norms but we might not see a 90-degree reading until the first weekend in October. So, enjoy the cooler weather for the latter part of the week and the weekend but don't put the shorts and the t-shirts away just yet.

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