If you weren't aware, fall, the season, arrives according to the calendar Monday morning at 2:50 am. We have to tell you that because when you step outside your door tomorrow morning you're not going to notice much of a difference from summer. So, let's explore those seasons and see if we can't come closer to an actual date when "fall" will be felt in South Louisiana.

I think every season has its romanticized image for marketing purposes.

Winter has snow-covered scenes of families sipping hot chocolate on a sleigh in the woods. Spring has scenes of flowers and bunnies and chubby legged children in matching short overalls. Images of summer often involve pools, beaches, tanned and toned individuals, and maybe a palm tree.

Then comes fall often depicted as pumpkin spice flavored walks that end up beside a campfire filled with flannel-clad friends wearing those ugly boots with the fur around the top. That's what we should be expecting in the morning right?

Of course, that's wrong just like all the other media-manufactured ideals of what our seasonal subjectivity should be. We all know winter in Louisiana is a few days of cold followed by some days in shorts and t-shirts and then a visit to urgent care to get treated for a cold or the flu.

Spring is violent thunderstorms, a flood threat or two, a lot of pollen, and the realization that even when its cool your yard can grow a lot if you don't mow it for a month or two.

Summer is a week at the beach, if you're lucky, a couple of hundred mosquito bites, climbing into searing hot cars, and wondering why more businesses don't allow employees to come to work in shorts and t-shirts.

Fall is, well just step outside Monday morning, let the disappointment wash over you like the sweat running down the side of your face. The good news about fall is it will eventually feel cooler.

The Old Farmer's Almanac is saying we should be feeling a little cooler right now. Oops! The long-range weather predictor also suggests an Acadiana cool down by the first week in October.

The website Time & Date disagrees at least for the next 14 days with the Old Farmer. They say the coolest morning temperature between now and October 6th will be 68 degrees. That's hardly fall-like.

The Weather Network, AccuWeather and the Weather Channel are also at odds with the Old Farmer's forecast. Not only do those forecast outlets predict temperatures in the upper 80s to 90 degrees for the next two weeks. They aren't even showing any great chances for rain.

So, when will it cool off?

October the 14th, give or take a day. That will be the first day that men will consider wearing long sleeves and women will be wearing really cute sweaters because they waited all summer to do that. I am basing my guess on seasonal averages and that day, give or take, is usually when the first cooler temperatures arrive in the area.

In other words, we don't really know but we've had fun talking about right?



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