After nearly a decade, everyone's favorite Cajun character is back.

It feels like just yesterday we were all crowded around someone's computer at work watching videos of PooPoo Broussard saying his lips were "chap, chapped." Fast-forward ten years and PooPoo has made a triumphant return from his hiatus in "the swamp."

We don't know if he ever fixed his lip problem, but a lot has changed since PooPoo first made us laugh with his cajun parody videos.

For starters, Facebook has a completely different look and a LOT more users. Also—as he notes himself in the video—our White House has seen a couple of "firsts," and our New Orleans Saints managed to win a Super Bowl somewhere along the way.

Online video is also a completely different animal in 2017 compared to 2007, so hopefully we see PooPoo Broussard giving us more of the Cajun humor that his fans have been missing. Keep up with him now at

Who knows, he may even end up back in our studios.

Only time will tell.

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