An oenophile is a lover or connoisseur of wines, but here in Louisiana we just call ourselves wineaux's.

You're probably thinking to yourself "Wineries? In Louisiana?" and my response to that is yes, there are wineries in Louisiana. There may not be as many wineries as there are breweries, but there are a few and a few is better than none.

Now that we've established that the Pelican State brews more than just pints you probably want to know where these mysterious vineyards are located. So, let's get this wine-derful list of Louisiana libations going!

  • Pontchartrain Vineyards - Yes, it is called Pontchartrain Vineyards because it's on Lake Pontchartrain. The north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, to be exact, in Bush, Louisiana. With a handful of different wines produced at the winery it's a good thing Pontchartrain Vineyard has a tasting room so you can try them all!
  • Landry Vineyards - Proclaimed north Louisiana's premier winemaker, Landry Vineyards sits on 20 acres in the beautiful country-side of West Monroe. Their extensive list of wines definitely brings the bayou to every bottle. But wine isn't the only thing off the vine at Landry Vineyards, they also make their own jelly. So, if you stop by their tasting room to sip a few make sure you try the jelly too!
  • Amato's Winery - Who says wine is all about the grapes? Not Amato's Winery in Independence, Louisiana, that's for sure. With wines made from strawberries, oranges, cranberries, peaches, blackberries and blueberries you can bet any bottle of Amato's wine will be a sipping experience you'll never forget.
  • On Cloud Wine Winery -  With 16 wines all made on premise it's no wonder why On Cloud Wine Winery is called the "the biggest little winery in Louisiana". Located in Shreveport, the winery boast's that they are the city's best kept secret, but with tastings every Thursday through Saturday I doubt it will stay that way for long.
  • NOLA Tropical Winery - Forget grapes, NOLA Tropical Winery is keeping that old deep south tradition alive with an unbelievable selection of fruit wines. From apple to watermelon and everything in between, their fruity flavors are definitely a favorite through out the state. NOLA Tropical Winery has won an impressive 209 awards over the years.
  • Casa de Sue Winery - Casa de Sue Winery may be small, but they definitely have a big taste! Their 50 acres in Clinton, Louisiana is the breeding ground for their 11 different blends and varieties. Casa de Sue Winery even offers an experience for customers to go beyond the bottle and pick their own blueberries and grapes. And let's not forget their tasting room, with 11 blends to try you are definitely going to want to stop by.

So, stop whining and start wining, there are plenty of Louisiana wineries to explore!

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