On Tuesday of next week, Lafayette Mayor/President Joel Robideaux will hold a press conference to discuss asking the council to give their consent to ask voters to rededicate part of an existing tax millage for drainage.

He is hoping the council and the public will go along with the idea to rededicate part of the Public Health Fund millage according to information that was released in a press release today by the administration.

The idea is to use the money, if it is rededicated, to help get more drainage projects going in areas of the parish that are flooding on a regular basis.

Robideaux says the issue was studied by a committee of four council members, and they made the decision to ask the full council to take money out of the Health fund, which has a healthy balance.

The annual millage for this fund is projected to take in more money than what it is required to spend, so they believe it is a good solution to finding money for much-needed drainage work.

Drainage work isn't the only thing that the rededication would affect. Robideaux is hoping to also use some of the money on his project called CREATE which is described as a "cultural economy initiative" that was created earlier this year.

The council would have to approve of sending the issue to the voters for their say on the matter.

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