Lafayette Parish Mayor-President Joel Robideaux took some time out of his schedule to update listeners about how local government is monitoring and responding to the widespread flooding throughout the parish.

After mentioning that they continue to keep an eye on the Mermentau River and how it relates to the southwest part of the parish, he touched upon three main areas:

  • The Debris Contract: getting it ready to be implemented so pickup can begin Monday after giving residents the weekend to get debris ready
  • FEMA Temporary Housing: the efforts to get FEMA up and going with temporary housing to get people out of cots and into beds
  • Communication: keeping those lines of communication open throughout the various governments in the parish

“I’ve been so pleasantly overwhelmed with the response of the community,” pointed out Robideaux, while touching upon how trying the situation has been. “It’s just made the job so much easier with the volunteer effort. It’s incredible.”

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