This morning on "Acadiana's Morning News" Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee were joined by Lafayette City Parish Mayor Joel Robideaux. He broke down the possibility of having a third party manage the services of Lafayette Utilities Services.

Bernhard Capital Partners, doing business as NextGen, presented its proposal for management to the five members of the Lafayette Public Utilities Authority.

Following that presentation, this week, Bernhard presented those ideas to all nine members of the Lafayette City Parish Council.

Members of the public continue to question many aspects about this proposal including, but not limited to,

Is a third party better than the current system?

Why is this discussion coming up at this time?

Would rates go up?

What would the benefits be to LUS customers?

Bernhard Capital Partners says that rates would go down initially, but what would rates be after the first three years? The deal also says that employees of LUS would be protected, but is that a sure thing?

We worked to try to get the answers to some of these questions today as Lafayette City Parish Mayor Robideaux joined the show.


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