At last night's Lafayette City-Parish Council meeting the subject of third-party management for the Lafayette Utilities System came up again. During the course of those discussions, Councilman Bruce Conque proposed a resolution that would have basically forced Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux to take a stance on the issue. 

The council voted on Conque's resolution and unanimously supported the idea. It makes sense, doesn't it? Since Mr. Robideaux already signed a non-binding letter of intent with a third party group offering to manage the utility you'd think he'd have a stance. A stance that he would gladly share with anyone and everyone who'd like to hear it.

Uh, no, at least not last night.

Mr. Robideaux left the council meeting early. A spokesperson for the Mayor-President said he was unavailable for comment. I am sure there were more pressing issues on Mr. Robideaux's schedule than actually responding to the questions of the people that elected him.

I don't know. I am only speculating.

At next week's council meeting, Councilman William Theriot is reportedly proposing a resolution stating that LUS would not be considered for sale, lease, or outside management or partnership at least in the near term.

By virtue of a vote on that resolution voters in Lafayette Parish will at least know where their council representation stands on the potential changes for LUS. Even if the Mayor-President is unable or unwilling to share his thoughts on the issue.

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