Coming to a voting booth near you this fall, another chance to either vote "yes" or "no" on two tax renewal proposals.

In April of this year, taxpayers decided against a property tax to fund getting rid of a majority of temporary buildings at Lafayette elementary and middle schools.

The seintement of no taxes led to voters also saying no to two tax renewals, one that helps to the fund the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center and one that helps to fund the Lafayette Parish courthouse.

Now the Lafayette City Parish Council has voted to once again put those two items up for a vote again this November.

The renewals will be on the ballot Saturday, November 18, 2017.

Lafayette Mayor/President Joel Robideaux has told KPEL in the past, that if voters don't approve the two renewals, then the 10 million dollars that the taxes generate will have to come from elsewhere in the budget.

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