Work begins this week to waterproof the first six floors of the State Capitol.

Jacques Berry with the Division of Administration says scaffolding is up around the base of the building. And he says the front doors to the tallest building in the city will remain closed over the next year.

“There’s always a danger with projects like this when you’re working high above where people are walking. So it’s out of an abundance of caution,” Berry said.

Berry says the two entrances on the ground level will remain open. He says crews will use this as an opportunity to reattach some of the limestone panels. He says new technology gave them a closer look at the structure and showed pieces coming loose from the 80-year-old building.

“This was the first time anybody was able to see exactly how the bones of the building look, and once that was discovered it was determined there may need to be some reinforcement of the bones of the building,” Berry said.

Berry says construction began Monday and is expected to take one year. The project will cost roughly $5 million. He says the waterproofing and limestone repair will only be for the first six floors of the capitol.

“This waterproofing project is only for the base of the building. We’re not going to do any work on the tower itself,” Berry said, “That is part of a separate project that has yet to be funded but needs to happen.”


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