The video is a bit grainy, but is this the Saints' star running back?

A video that was shared to a Saints group on Facebook has me wondering if this is really Alvin Kamara. The clip shows a guy with dreadlocks carrying a nice amount of weight while being held back by a trainer.


The only thing is, I'm not 100% this is Alvin Kamara. Wouldn't the 2017 NFL Rookie of the Year be in a gym doing this workout? Also, this guy looks bigger than Kamara—and the video isn't anywhere on Kamara's social media, nor does it pop up anywhere when you search for it on the internet.

Then again, this is the same Alvin Kamara who walks home from the Superdome after games and drinks boxed wine on Mardi Gras floats, so it is possible that he would be working out like a gladiator in some random front yard.

UPDATE: It's totally Kamara. Totally doing Kamara things. A friend shared the following Instagram post from Colt Colletti—a former Nicholls football player that trains a lot of different people. His IG account chronicles all of the workouts in what he calls "The Jungle."

It looks like Kamara isn't the only Saint in the jungle either. Now we know why they "can't guard Mike" Thomas.

UPDATE: Looks like Alvin Kamara is at it again—this time, pulling an entire Jeep with a weight rack on his shoulders.

While we count down the weeks to the next NFL season, check out these highlights of the Saints superstar.

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