Have you ever wondered about those white strips of tape down the back of Kamara's arms?

Alvin Kamara is a fan favorite—not only for his work on the field but for his nonchalant vibe off the field too. The nosering-wearing New Orleans Saints running back walks home from the Superdome on game day, eats airheads on the sidelines, and does ALL of his talking on the field.

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Some have mentioned that Kamara seems to glide when he's on the field, comparing his running style to greats like Gale Sayers and Eric Dickerson.

But what's up with that white tape that he wears on his arms?

Sean Gardner, Getty Images

It's a question that Saints fans have been asking since his breakout rookie season, and the theories behind the white tape are pretty entertaining. Some believe it makes Kamara "faster," calling the tape his "racing stripes." Being that he's worn the tape since he was in college, some have even suggested it's so that friends and family could easily find him on television.

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As entertaining as most guesses are about Kamara's arm tape, it seems as if one Reddit user offered up the best explanation:

It's called cover-roll. In this case, it is used to help prevent turf burns. It's similar to the sticky part of a band-aid without the non-stick pad. It comes in rolls of different widths and you just cut it to length.

Cover All

Kamara wears the tape on turf and on grass, so part of me wonders if the tape is more of a functional thing, or is it more of a "security blanket" for him to feel his best on the field? There have even been some instances where Kamara doesn't wear the tape at all.

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Either way, he wasted no time letting the folks at Madden know that they forgot his tape in their latest edition—referring to it is "his swag."

And they responded swiftly!

They even broke out the tape measure for accuracy.

Boom. Turf tape approved. (and they even added his nose ring, too!)

If the tape makes Kamara great, then let's just hope the Saints carry it in bulk.