The days of a delivery person leaving your packages at the front door may soon be over.

Amazon has introduced their key delivery system that allows an Amazon delivery person to enter your home and drop off your order or packages.

The system comes with a keypad and camera. Once the delivery person scans your package(s) the door unlocks and it allows the person to safely put your order inside your home.

All of this happens while you are monitoring the delivery via a camera which is installed in your home.

This will prevent your orders from being stolen and it allows you to safely monitor the delivery.

Would you invest in this or are you willing to risk having your order dropped off at the doorstep? Oh, this system sells for close to $250.

My solution, for the holiday season, have your packages sent to your place of employment where someone can accept them. DO NOT just let someone drop off your package at your home if no one is there!

Still, this is a good option and it further allows you to monitor your property.


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