In a process that took nine hours, Dutch artists Lenert Engelberts and Sander Plug put a year’s worth of makeup on a model’s face at once. The mess included seven bottles of foundation, three lipsticks, and two bottles each of eye shadow and cream blush, bringing the grand total to 7.7 fl. oz of drippy “perfection.”

Belgian model Hannelore Knuts gamely sat through it all, eating and drinking through a straw during breaks.

Engelberts and Plug said they did it “to see how much is needed to go from a natural look to an outrageous one.” To be safe, they tested the process on another subject first: their male intern. “We wanted to make sure that this amount of makeup wouldn’t kill a person. It didn’t kill our intern so we trusted everything would be fine on Hannelore.”

[via Gawker]

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