Many of South Louisiana's favorite places to jump in the water and take a break from the heat have been placed under advisories for high bacteria levels. Those advisories were issued by the Louisiana Department of Health as part of the department's ongoing beach monitoring program.

The beaches where bacteria levels were high enough to require an advisory were: Cypremort State Park, Fontainebleau State Park, Holly Beach Site #1, Lake Charles North Beach (I-10 Beach), and Rutherford Beach. Lake Charles South Beach has been closed for recreational use by Calcasieu Parish officials.

The Department of Health monitors 24 beaches across the state during Louisiana's beach season to ensure that the water quality meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criteria. You can see a map of the monitored beaches here and what advisories if any are issued for those beaches.

Officials with the Louisiana Department of Health say beach advisories along Louisiana's coastline are not uncommon this time of year. As the water gets warmer and there are periods of very little rainfall bacteria levels have the opportunity to become more concentrated in certain bodies of water.

The advisories are posted so that those individuals who might have compromised immune systems or other health-related issues will understand the dangers of bathing at certain beaches across the state. Small children, the elderly, cancer patients, or any person with an open sore or would be advised to not go into the water while these advisories are in effect.


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