A bill requiring the motto “In God We Trust” to be displayed in public schools passed the Senate Education Committee. The legislation by Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow mirrors efforts in several other southern states this year to have the motto displayed prominently in gathering spaces at public schools. Barrow says young people are suffering from a lack of proper values.

“We have seen a moral decay in our schools and in our communities, because we have taken this out of our school systems.”

Barrow says the legislation was inspired by a meeting with the governor, where the talk turned to how to best prepare children for the adult world.

“It’s one of the things that really made an impact on my life, was when I went to the governor’s prayer breakfast.”

Barrow says many kids are not getting taught about proper morals, values, and beliefs by their parents, so public schools should be used to fill that void.

“I believe that we owe, and have that obligation to at least insure that they have that introduction, because we cannot assume that that is happening at home.”

The bill also says students should be instructed on what “In God Trust” means, but no clarification was provided on what the content of that instruction would be.

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