I'm usually not superstitious, but some things are just too out there to not believe in, even in state as spooky as Louisiana. I do pick up pennies, I don't avoid cracks in the sidewalks...you get the picture.

Only in Louisiana has some bizarre superstitions that only people in Louisiana would believe, so I thought I would share with you today. And yes, I'm wearing green, and trying to find some shamrocks!


  • If an alligator crawls under your house, a death could occur
  • For protection against evil, drill a hole in a dime, and wear it around your neck. you can also spit three times for extra protection
  • If you need another way to protect you from the devil, hang a mirror outside your door. hopefully, the devil will be so enamored of his own reflection that he leaves you alone
  • A dish towel dropped on the floor could signal that you're about to get visitors
  • Cut your fingernails on Monday so you can get a present sometime during the week
  • White butterflies mean good luck is heading your way
  • Read the bible backwards to keep the bad spirits away
  • A hen crowing means a death in the family
  • If you let someone pass a mop over your foot, you'll never get married
  • If a snake bites you, chase it to water, and then put your wound into the water
  • Don't eat both ends of a loaf of bread, otherwise, money will never come your way
  • If your left hand itches, you'll get some money. If your right hand itches a friend is coming to see you


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