LeBron James is clearly one the NBA’s most polarizing figures in the modern era and has been for some time. He is even been in the discussion of being considered the greatest player of all time with many experts putting him right with, or just above Michael Jordan. James has been dominant since the start of his career and just had one of his best statistical seasons at the age of 37.

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He averaged 30.3 points per game while also averaging a 54% field goal percentage in 56 games played. Despite having one his best seasons statistically, the Lakers still struggled and failed to make the playoffs. With Anthony Davis’ constant injury problems and the poor play of Westbrook, many experts were saying that it was time for LeBron to possibly move on from L.A. with his contract coming to an end soon. James shutdown any possible rumors of that happening when this news broke earlier today.

The deal secures James as a Laker for two more and also gives him a player option for the 2024 2025. This in interesting considering his son and top prospect, Bronny James, will be eligible for the NBA draft in 2024. James has been really outspoken about playing with his son before he retires, so this could give him the option to follow his son wherever he is drafted.

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The deal also comes with potential salary increases as well.

Laker nation, you can breathe a sigh of release for at least two more seasons.

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