Training camp has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now and this is normally the time when teams get creative with the content they put out. The content that always seems to catch the eyes and the hearts of fans is when the teams interact with their little super fans.

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The New York Jets are doing just that as they have brought back a camp favorite. The Jets have partnered with the Atlantic City Health System to allow young fans to interview some of the players. The team allows the kids to spend all day at camp scouting players, taking notes, and ask some hard-hitting questions.

The interviews are funny and wholesome. This first one up was little Ava as she was given the opportunity to scout and interview Jet’s WR Braxton Berrios.

If thought Ava was good, then you have to see Johnny get his chance at being a inside reporter. Johnny had the opportunity to scout and interview Jet’s first round pick, Sauce Gardner.

I loved the variety in his questions. He went from chicken nuggets, to talking defensive scheme. I'm not the only one who loved these interviews, fans from all around the league loved the little reporters as well.

The Jets aren’t the first team to team give kids an all-access experience they won’t forget. Saints’ fans will remember when the team gave a little super fan the same opportunity. I'm talking about Jairus Robertson. The team heard about the young super fan who had been battling a severe liver disease since he was one and decided to call him up to the facility. He became an inspiration and an immediate fan favorite.

While I do enjoy watching my favorite players going head-to-head, I also appreciate good wholesome content like this.


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