What a special moment between a father and his son.

LSU defensive end Breiden Fehoko is a junior who played two seasons at Texas Tech before he transferred over to LSU. Fehoko is from Honolulu and his father, Vili, is known in his home state as "Vili The Warrior" for his halftime performances during Hawaii's football and men's volleyball games.

USC v Hawaii
Kent Nishimura, Getty Images

Vili would dress in full ancient Polynesian warrior garb during the performances, giving a nod to his family's rich culture—something that he continues to do when he visits his son at LSU.

You can find Fehoko's family at the bottom of Victory Hill before home games, usually wearing leis that are hand-crafted by his mother, Linda.

This past weekend before LSU faced #2 ranked Georgia, Fehoko's parents were waiting as usual, but this time it was special.

What you see in the video is his father, Vili, doing the Haka—"a traditional war cry, dance or challenge in Maori culture." What a special moment between father and son as you see the embrace at the end of the traditional dance.

As you can tell, the fans loved it, too. Hopefully, this isn't the last Haka we see at LSU.

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