I was quietly watching the Saints and the Jets play football on Sunday afternoon.The game was more exciting than it really should have been. The Saints should have walloped the Jets but when you commit three turnovers you should be darn grateful that you got the win. The Saints did 31-19. However, the most memorable thing that happened on the broadcast wasn't on the field. It was coming back from commercial.

All of the networks use B-roll video, that's an industry term for additional footage that is shot to add atmosphere and energy to a piece. This time the camera was following a New Orleans streetcar as it approached Lee Circle. I didn't think anything about it until I noticed that General Lee was still atop the monument.

If you recall General Lee and several other memorials and statues that honored Confederate Heroes and ideals were removed from the New Orleans cityscape. This was obviously file footage the network used.

Let's be honest, CBS doesn't cover many Saints games. They usually only get a Saints game when the Saints are playing an AFC opponent or the game the Saints are playing in gets flexed by the league to bolster TV ratings.

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