Hopefully, you're well aware of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warnings concerning a popular breakfast cereal. I trust you've already removed any boxes of that cereal from your home. Now comes a new warning of food-related illness and this one strikes really close to home as far as our Louisiana eating habits are concerned.

The CDC has issued a warning that concerns crab meat. No, it's not our homegrown Louisiana crabmeat that is being scrutinized. It is imported crabmeat from Venezuela. So far the CDC says a dozen people have become ill nationwide after eating the tainted seafood. Four of those people have required hospitalization to recover.

As of now, there are only three states where people have reported the illness and it has been connected to the Venezuelian crab. Louisiana , Maryland, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.

The product in question is a pre-cooked crabmeat that is usually sold in tubs. The meat may be served cold or reheated. The tricky part is the bacteria that causes the illness does not cause the meat to smell or taste funny. So many chefs and consumers could be caught unaware of the inherent danger that lurks within the meat.

As of now, the CDC is still investigating the situation to find the exact source of the contamination and just how far-reaching it might be. This particular product has not been officially recalled.

In the meantime, your locally caught, Louisiana sourced crab meat is just fine. However, if you're dining at a restaurant that serves crab make sure you inquire about the sourcing of the crab meat you're about to enjoy.

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