Keaton Jones broke down one day after school. He did so because he has been getting bullied at school.

Watch as he tearfully recounts the bullying and he asks why other kids do this to them. This is so sad.

Well, his video and story have gone viral and now celebrities and athletes are getting behind this young man. They are all showing their support for this precious little boy.

I can't lie, I had to stop watching this video twice. It got me that angry. Like Keaton, I too want to know why kids have to be so mean to others.

His mother, who is asking the questions here, has a hard time keeping it together---And I can't blame her.

According to Keaton's mother's Facebook post, her son was too scared to go eat lunch on this day because he feared what may happen to him.

I just hope that those who are bullying Keaton see this and take a deep look at themselves in the mirror. Because there's a whole lot of ugly looking back at them through the mirror.



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