Is it possible that 7-time Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson could return to the New Orleans Saints?

Well, yes, but it's extremely unlikely.

Still, the now 33-year old Peterson raised a few eyebrows recently, when he said he'd "definitely be open" to returning to the Saints.

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Peterson appeared in four games for the Saints last season, rushing for 81 yards, prior to being traded to the Arizona Cardinals, where he rushed for 529 yards and two touchdowns.

The had been some speculation that the Saints may be interested in a veteran running back, who are expected to start the season without Mark Ingram, who will miss the first four games of the season, due to a PED suspension.

Also, Peterson was viewed as a positive influence on Alvin Kamara, who was a rookie last season.

Because of Ingram's suspension, and because of Peterson's comments, a lot of people are really trying to make themselves believe that it's possible that Peterson could return to New Orleans.

So, is it "possible"? Yes. But let's put an end to any of that thinking, right now.

Peterson says he's "definitely be open" to returning to the Saints.

Okay; well, why wouldn't he? He's a 33-year old free agent running back, who is looking for a place to play. Why eliminate a potential option?

I don't know why some people believe there is/was bad blood between the Saints and Peterson. I bet most of the players and coaches still like him, and that he enjoyed his brief stay in the locker room.

When the Saints traded Peterson, it was just business. The player and the team still probably have a healthy respect for one another, but it probably just isn't in the cards, if not for an other reason than it's just not a good fit.

Peterson is one of the greatest players of all-time, a guy who will be enshrined in Canton as soon as he's eligible. I've got all the respect in the world for Peterson, and what he's accomplished, but he's no longer that player, and anybody that watched him last year in New Orleans saw that he just wasn't a good fit for the Saints' offense.

It was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Peterson may still be able to help an NFL team, as the guy is just an absolute freak of nature. But I don't think he can help the Saints, at least now.

So, even if the Saints did decide to add a veteran back, it would likely be someone who they think better fits their offense, as opposed to Peterson, who as we saw last year, clearly doesn't.

Adrian Peterson returning to the Saints?

Come on Cat! That's not happening!

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