LSU says the SEC will not overturn Devin White's suspension for the first half of the Alabama game, because of targeting a Mississippi State player. So can legal action be taken? Legal analyst Tim Meche says LSU would have no problem finding a Baton Rouge judge to grant a temporary injunction, but it comes with a risk.

"The SEC, if he plays in the game, can impose severe penalties and sanctions on LSU and they may even ban them from a bowl game," said Meche.

Marianna Massey, Getty Images
Marianna Massey, Getty Images
Suspended Hahnville High School quarterback, Andrew Robison, received a court order to play football, but he's yet to take the field, because the LHSAA could hand down future penalties. Meche says the same thing could happen to LSU, if a judge ruled White can play Bama.
"If I was LSU, I wouldn't play him and risk the idea there could be sanctions and penalties if they decided to defy the SEC," said Meche.
Meche says it would be a stretch for a group of fans to file a lawsuit against the SEC and get a judge to grant a temporary injunction against the suspension and it's unlikely LSU or White will take legal action. Meche's advice as a legal mind and fan is that Tiger nation needs to move on.
"I worry it may distract the players from preparing for the game," said Meche.