Olivia Spark should get a crown for what she did for little Layla Lester.

Two weeks ago, Olivia Spark was taking wedding pictures in Akron Falls Park in New York State, when a little girl with autism called out, "Cinderella, Cinderella"!

Olivia didn't miss a beat as the youngster ran over to her, she spoke to her while photographer Nicole Wickins took shots of the encounter. (To see the video, click here.)

Layla's mother, Jessica Lester, says her little girl has autism so she sometimes doesn't know exactly the right way to interact with others.

None of that mattered to Olivia, who talked with the very excited 5-year-old.

After the two talked and walked for a bit, Olivia said she had to go the ball, to which Layla was quick to say, "Have fun at the ball".

Jessica told WIVB that "Wickins captured a beautiful moment in her little girl's life."

I say we should now call her Princess Olivia, and someone should give this bride a crown. She's so sweet, she would probably give it to Layla.

Several people in the community were so moved by the story they have set up a Go Fund Me account for Layla so that she may be able to Disney World to see all of the princesses.


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