Have you ever been riding around town wondering who had the "good" crawfish?

Some people look for the best prices. Some look for the big ones. Some people like them boiled spicy while others prefer them live for their own cookout.

There is a new app that takes the guesswork out of your search and it was created by Ryan and Laney King—a couple of Baton Rouge natives who were in your shoes at one point in time.

Often times, we’d call for maybe an hour trying to find crawfish, trying to find the cheapest price if we were throwing a big crawfish boil. At some point, my wife and I were just driving around and we said, ‘We need to make an app for that.’ So we did.

That was back in 2013, and now the King's Crawfish App has a growing list of 500 vendors throughout Louisiana with updated weekly prices for boiled and live crawfish. You can sort by price, size or review; and if you don't see a vendor on the app, there is a section to add it to the list.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Download The Crawfish App for free now, and next time you and your crew have the envie for mudbugs, just a few taps and you should be on your way.

Bon appetit!

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