PyeongChang 2018, also known as the Winter Olympics, runs through February 25th, and we hope you are as excited as we are! USA!USA!USA!

Even though the athletes are proudly representing their countries, there always seems to be some kind of drama behind the scenes. Hopefully everything will run smoothly, even though there are some pretty crazy rules and regulations for the official events. And I mean really crazy. MSN Lifestyle found some odd rules that we thought we would pass along as you are getting ready to wear your red, white and blue gear to cheer on Team USA.

  • You can't do a backflip in a figure skating routine. It has been deemed illegal by the International Skating Union
  • Skaters must use Rhumba music for their short routines. Every year the International Skating Union chooses a musical genre, and this season it's Latin American or Caribbean
  • It's legal for hockey players to actually kick the puck. Who knew?
  • No political statements allowed. According to Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter, the games can't be used for 'a platform for protests, demonstrations or the promotion of political, religious or racial propaganda'.
  • Social and Digital Media will be limited. It will be monitored and rules will be enforced. Yep. Don't look for any drama on Facebook
  • Skeleton athletes will be allowed to leave their sleds. They can actually get off their sled to push or move forward, as necessary.
  • If Biathalon athletes miss their target, they are penalized. They have to ski an extra loop if they miss. This sport is skiing and target shooting together. Kind of. Yikes!
  • Speed Skating gets two different forms of timekeeping. Manuel and Automatic.
  • A bobsled team has a maximum weight limit. 860 lbs for a two man bobsled team, 1,389 lbs for a four man team, and 717 for women. This includes crew, runners, and other equipment.
  • If a fight breaks out at a hockey game, both players get a penalty. This very rarely happens during the Olympics, however.
  • Luge events are different for men and women. Men compete on .84 miles, and women on .75 miles.
  • Stones will not be allowed to be removed during a curling event. Not sure I even understand what curling is....sorry.
  • The 2018 Olympics will be the first for 'Big Air' snowboarding. In order to qualify, tricks must be spent in different directions during two runs.
  • Women do not compete in the Nordic Combined event. This event combines cross country skiing and ski jumping, and women have never, ever competed. Huh?



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