Delta Waterfowl is a non-profit organization whose mission is

To produce ducks and secure the future of waterfowl hunting.

They are the leading conservation group working toward this goal in North America. They pursue their mission in four specific ways:

  1. By producing ducks in effective, science-based programs
  2. By conserving the breeding habitat for ducks
  3. By enhancing duck hunting opportunities through access and defense of hunting rights
  4. By encouraging current hunters to continue enjoying the support and introducing it to new people

Because Delta Waterfowl relies on volunteers and financial support, there are several ways you can help in their efforts.

Make sure to stop by their booth to discuss opportunities that the group can be of service to you and ways that you can lend a hand in their efforts at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo at the Cajundome Convention Center, July 27-29, sponsored by Fire and Safety Specialists.

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