Did OJ Simpson confess to murder in this 2006 interview?

FOX aired "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?" Sunday night and this interview set the internet on fire. In the interview, Simpson "hypothetically" set the stage for the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Simpson highlights what and how he would have committed the murder in his account here, but some are suggesting that the former NFL great may have just confessed to the murders in this interview.

Keep in mind, Simpson was found not guilty of murder in this case, thus he CANNOT be retried for the murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

What caught me by surprise in this interview is how relaxed he was here and how referenced the deceased by their first name. He really painted the picture like he did it!

If you initially thought that Simpson was not guilty in this case, has this interview changed your mind? The details he provides here are scary---And very accurate.



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