Will DJ Sanders break the single season record for home runs in Louisiana softball history this year?

Well, she certainly has a good chance of doing it.

As a matter of fact, she's on pace to accomplish the feat.

A junior from Columbus, Mississippi, Sanders currently has 23 homers through UL's first 38 games.

The record by a Cajun for homers in a season is 32, set by Lexie Elkins, in 2015.

The only other Louisiana player to ever hit 30 long balls was Danyele Gomez, who blasted 30 back in 2006.

Okay, since Sanders is averaging one homer ever 1.65 games, and since the Cajuns have 10 regular season games remaining, the shortstop is on pace to hit 6 more homers before the end of the regular season.

That would make 29.

But keep in mind; postseason stats count, so Sanders also has the Sun Belt Conference Tournament, Regionals, and possibly even the Super Regionals, where UL has advanced to play in the last 5 seasons, as well as the Women's College World Series to set the mark.

Last season, Louisiana played three games in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament, three in the Regionals, and two more in the NCAA Super Regionals, giving them 8 postseason games.

Again, by averaging a homer every 1.65 games, Sanders would hit another 5 homers, which, added to the 29 regular season homers, would give her 34.

Obviously numbers can change, both for the better and for the worse, but it looks like Sanders has a very good shot at setting the record, if the Cajuns can advance in postseason play.

However it turns out, it has been an incredible year already for Sanders, who is primed to be named an All-American.

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