'Representing your grandparents' on Facebook may seem like a fun idea but you also may be putting yourself at risk.

Let me say that I'm usually the type of guy to roll my eyes at that type of warning, but after setting up a zillion online accounts, the security questions are always the same—especially when it comes from the financial ones.

You know the questions I'm talking about:

What was the name of street you grew up on?

What was the name of your first pet?

What was your high school mascot?

What is your mother's maiden name?

That last question is a big reason why the latest Facebook fad about grandparents could be a security risk. All someone would need to do is take your mother's maiden name (easy to figure out by looking at your answers) and try to log into whatever account they are trying to access.

Again, I'm not here to make you paranoid about being online. I can remember the days when some people thought being on the internet automatically meant your entire identity had to be made public and subsequently stolen.

That's just ridiculous.

I'm certain you know publicly posting certain things like your date of birth, city of birth, mailing address, etc. is pretty risky, and I'll let you decide how much to share, but we always have to be aware of what we're broadcasting to the universe and just how far it can go.

Feel free to share this with any friends who you may see being "too extra" online, but don't be surprised if they throw tomatoes at you.

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