Often in South Louisiana, our days can be filled with ongoing rain. These weather situations can create hazardous driving conditions as the rain comes pouring down. Louisiana State Police Troop I Spokesman Trooper Thomas Gossen has offered some reminders about things that we should do and things we shouldn't do when it comes to driving.

Gossen says one of the problems that happens often that can be a hazard is hazard lights. He says most people may not remember that hazard lights are to be used when your vehicle is disabled, and you have pulled it to the side of the road. He says, unfortunately, some drivers will use their hazard lights while driving in traffic which can pose a traffic hazard. He tells us if someone is using their hazard lights while driving in traffic it can be difficult to judge how far away you are from that vehicle. You also may think that they have pulled over to the side of the road, when in fact, they are still in a lane of travel. He says this can lead to crashes.

Without proper maintenance of your vehicle, you can end up causing a crash without even really thinking about it. If you haven't had your brakes checked in a while, or don't have good tread on your tires, that might become a major issue if you have to stop quickly especially in the rain.

Another safety tip from Trooper Gossen is to remember to always work to not be a distracted driver. He says everyday things like food, the radio, kids and our phones can easily distract us from our number one job behind the wheel, driving. Gossen says far too often, we let things distract us from driving, leading to deadly consequences. He speaks more on these issues:

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