Governor John Bel Edwards signs into law measures aimed at keeping both motorists and police officers safe during a traffic stop.

One of the new laws set to go into effect August 1 is by Plaquemine Representative Chad Brown and it requires driver’s education courses to teach soon to be drivers about what to do during a traffic stop because every situation is unique.

“Some officers may ask you to exit the vehicle. Some may ask you to remain in the vehicle. So really what it boils down to is follow officer’s directions,” Brown said.

The governor also signed into law Bossier City Senator Ryan Gatti’s legislation, which is similar to the House bill. Brown believes the training can reduce the risk of a routine traffic stop becoming violent, if everyone knows how to respond. He says while police officers receive training on how to conduct the stops, it’s important for us as citizens to react appropriately as well.

“Don’t make any sudden movements. If you’re going to reach for some identification, whether it be in the glove compartment or your console, let the officer know. Keep your hands visible at all times on the steering wheel,” Brown said.

The Office of Motor Vehicles will provide the course material from the Louisiana Commission of Law Enforcement. Brown says many motorists become anxious during traffic stops, and so are the officers.

“We have to remember, given many of the things that have happened across the country, officers are on high alert, and not every person that gets pulled over is some heinous criminal,” Brown said.

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