A man in Texas was able to file a civil lawsuit when he claims a restaurant and bar over-served him booze causing an argument and an injury. The incident took place in 2019 when Daniel Rawls of Midland Texas went to La Fogata restaurant and claims the restaurant and bar were responsible for his intoxication and behavior.

Rawls says he and another man were over-served causing them to get in to an argument that led to the parking lot. Rawls says in the lawsuit that the restaurant failed to make sure the parking lot was free of hazards, where Rawls claims he was hurt.

The suit also claims that the bartender was not trained to notice when patrons had too much.

The Andrews County 109th District Court ruled for Rawls on July 27 in a default judgment since the owner did not respond to the suit or attend the court hearing. The court’s ruling awarded $5.5 million to Rawls.

The defendants have 30 days to file an appeals notice if they want a new trial.

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