Festival International 2018 is here! If you plan on heading out to check out all the food and fun that Festival has to offer, you've got to come prepared.

From clothing to necessary accessories—here is a list of the 15 essentials that will have you ready for action and primed for the best Festival yet.

Fanny Pack

You've gotta have something to hold your things when you cut loose to all of the great music acts. Plus, fanny packs are in right now.


MBFFS 2012: MBFWA Trends - Catwalk
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Comfort is the name of the game at Festival, and if you're a lady (or a guy) who loves to flow freely then a sundress is the way to go. You've got multiple days, so if you wanna mix up your outfits make this a staple for one of your Festival days and own downtown like Lafayette's Flowy Kardashian.

Water Bottles

Atmosphere - Lollapalooza Berlin 2016
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Hydration is key at Festival. Make sure you have enough water. Carrying around a water bottle or something that will allow you to refill it will keep you out of the lines and allow you to see more of your favorite bands at the numerous Festival stages. It's literally the essence of life, so make sure you have plenty of fuel to get you through Festival weekend.


If your sundress isn't flowy enough, just drape a kimono over your shoulders. It's a hot fashion item as of late and is definitely acceptable as a unisex clothing item during Festival week. I have a feeling we'll probably be seeing them paired with large hats (we'll get to those later).

Festival Shirts

Brittney McZeal, Festival International
Brittney McZeal, Festival International

A solid shirt that literally screams "FESTIVAL" is always a good thing to wear to Festival. Some of the best Festival-themed shirts to get are directly from Festival and by buying these shirts you're helping to keep Festival free. Buy the new gear you see featured on site or check out what they have to offer online here.


2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 3
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Comfortable Footwear

102.7 KIIS FM's 2014 Wango Tango - Arrivals
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Looking cute is always cool, but when it comes to Festival, comfort is the name of the game. Whether you're rocking comfy all white leather dad shoes or a pair of your favorite sandals (or mandals) make sure you're ready for the long haul.


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A lot of outdoor activity means a LOT of sweat. Beat the Festival heat by staying so fresh and so clean. Extra swipes of deodorant will keep you smelling like a rose while you dance your face off at just about any Festival stage.

Flower Crowns/Headbands

Nothing screams "I'm here to Fest" more than a flower crown. Real flowers or fake flowers—it doesn't really matter. Again, this one is a unisex staple during Festival week so feel free to go all in.


Getty Images
Getty Images

Floppy hats. Old hats. Straw hats. Umbrella hats. Dad hats. If you're going to Festival, you've got to have a good festival hat. The name of the game is definitely "go big or go home," so don't skimp on the size. Bigger is definitely better during Festival week.

Portable Phone Chargers

Powerful Hurricane Irma Slams Into Florida
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A charged phone is a must, so make sure you've got the juice. Keep a charger with you and you'll never have to worry about missing the perfect shot of your favorite Festival band, and you will always have access to the newly-remodeled Festival App! As a matter of fact, open up your phone, head to your app store and go download it NOW!

Festival RFID Wristbands

Brittney McZeal, Festival International
Brittney McZeal, Festival International

While we're talking Fest Tech, you should definitely get in on the brand new RFID wristbands that will be offered for the first time at Festival 2018. So, say goodbye to the "drink tickets" and make sure you get your Festival Wristband. Learn more about them here and here and you'll be ahead of the game.

Backpack/Crossover Bags

Street Style At The 2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1
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We mentioned fanny packs earlier, but for people who need more storage and want to have their arms free for dancing, drinking, eating and/or general partying a backpack is a must. You can hold all of the essentials listed here and then some. If you've got kids, having a bag at Festival is an even bigger necessity. More storage. More freedom. More fun.


The Falls Festival - Day 3
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Festival is an outdoor event and you know your skin better than anyone. Make sure you aren't burnt up after having the time of your life and carry plenty of sunscreen. Tan lines from that romper or the straps on your sundress will not look cute on the Monday after Festival—so plan accordingly.

Wet Wipes/Hand Sanitizer 

Interscope Coachella House 2018
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Last, but definitely not least, you want to have some sort of "wipes" on hand. Not only to wash your hands after indulging in that bread bowl, but the portable bathroom game is a tricky one. Never get caught slipping or without toilet paper in that dark Port-o-Potty when you've got wipes on hand. This may be the best-kept secret at Festival and you've just been informed.

So there you have it. All the essentials you need to enjoy Festival 2018. If I missed anything on the list, feel free to give me a shout in the comments. Share this with all your Festival friends (especially those first timers and the ones coming in from out of town) and I'll see you this week!

Happy Festival!

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