He wanted that baseball.

Watch as a fan jumped from the stands at a Major League Baseball game in failed attempt to catch a historical home run ball.

Aaron Judge hit home run number 62, breaking the previous home run record, and fans were lined up hoping to snag the souvenir ball that will be worth a lot of money.

Well, one fan thought ahead of most and decided to leap from the stands and fall between the fence and the stands, in hopes that is where the ball would land.

The fan had a good game plan to catch the ball, but things didn't go the way he hoped for as the ball traveled into the stands.

Cory Youmans was the fan who snagged the ball and much attention was focused on him as he held onto the historical ball.

Youmans said soon after that he did not know what he was going to do with the ball, and the value of the ball has yet to be determined. However, I did hear some speculating that the ball hit by Judge could be worth as much as $2 Million.

With all of that said, let's now focus on this fan leaping from the stands, only to find himself 20 feet below---with no prized collection.

A member of the local media did Tweet that her husband was the one to walk away with the home run ball.



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