Vin Diesel, he of the bulging biceps, shiny scalp and low vocal register, has been making the press rounds for Furious 7 over the past few weeks. Considering just how crazy his new movie is, he sure has a lot to talk about. But even the unlimited number of potential conversation topics to mined from the insanity of the seventh film in the Fast & Furious saga couldn’t stop him from teasing Fast & Furious 8, which may be set in New York City.

While chatting about the film on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Diesel dropped the first details about the inevitable eighth film in the series. After confirming that multiple films in the franchise are plotted out in advance (which makes sense when you consider the absurd continuity on display across the past five movies), he told Kimmel that the seeds of part eight are planted in Furious 7. According to Diesel, the new character played by Kurt Russell exists in the new movie just so he can go onto to play a larger role in the next entry. Since Russell’s wry and mysterious government agent is one of Furious 7’s many high points, this sounds like a good thing.

Diesel also claims that the next movie is set in New York City, which should be a nice change of pace. The tight, crowded streets of the Big Apple should allow for some especially chaotic chase sequences compared to the more open Los Angeles freeways that have dominated much the series so far. And if you thought driving cars between a handful of skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi was crazy, we can’t wait to see how Dominic Toretto and his crew treat the Manhattan skyline.

Furious 7 opens in theaters on April 3.

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