People are leaving these three areas of Acadiana at one of the fastest rates in the state.

According to a report from detailing the fastest-shrinking cities and towns in Louisiana, New Iberia, Opelousas and Eunice seem to be losing people a lot quicker than many other areas in Louisiana.

The entire list of fast-shrinking towns was split using two methods of measurement.

The first top 10 shrinking cities and towns are ranked by sheer numbers lost. The final 10 shrinking cities and towns are ranked by percent change in population from 2009 to 2015.

When it comes to the cities who are shrinking in terms of total people, Eunice came in at the #7 spot. According to the report, they have been shrinking since the population peaked in the 1980s. Like many of the cities on the list, people in Eunice are more than likely moving away in favor of more developed suburbs and cities.

Ranked amongst the top three fastest-shrinking cities in Louisiana was New Iberia. believes that the 2014 crash of oil prices and the fact that they remain low is the contributing factor here. This makes sense being that Iberia Parish is in the heart of the Oil and Gas industry, but another contributing factor is probably people making the move to Lafayette, one of Louisiana's "fastest-growing cities."

The last of the three fast-shrinking Acadiana cities is Opelousas. The parish seat of St. Landry Parish was expected to grow after the 2004 annexation, but instead, has gone in the opposite direction.

You can see the entire list of fast-shrinking Louisiana cities and towns here.

Have you moved away from any of these three cities recently? If so, why?

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