All you need is love? Not so fast, says the United States Food and Drug Administration. The Nashoba Brook Bakery in Massachusetts has been listing 'Love' as one of the  ingredients for their homemade granola, and the FDA has issued an official letter to them to stop! (in the name of love). Ok, that last part was just me, but really, who doesn't need a little more love in their life?

They are not joking around with the Concord bakery, which was started by two high school friends almost 20 years ago. Part of the government warning stated 'Ingredients required to be declared on the label or labeling of food must be listed by their common or usual name. 'Love' is not a common or usual name of an ingredient.'

The Bakery owners have said that they will comply with all FDA requests, and have even adopted a sense of humor about their now love-less granola, retweeting several news reports on their official Twitter page.




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