I don't think I have ever wanted cooler weather to slide through Acadiana more than I want it to slide through right now. The Summer months have been very not pleasant. I don't say brutal because I don't think we had a single day where the actual temperature topped 100 degrees. But the humidity and hurricane threats more than made up for the lack of triple digit thermometer readings.

Early this morning the first "feels like Fall" cold front is poised just to the north and west of our state. During the day today, the front will drop slowly south and east eventually moving out of the state by Monday.

Temperatures across Acadiana today will again be near 90 degrees for an afternoon high. However, there will be a threat of showers and maybe a thunderstorm to go along with that heat and humidity by this afternoon and evening.

While some of the storms could be heavy later today there is no significant threat of severe weather across Louisiana today.

Monday morning when you and I wake up it will feel as if we have been renewed. The early morning temperatures for Monday will be in the lower 60-degree range. The high on Monday will be about the same as our overnight low temperatures have been for the past week. That's right we will top out on Monday with a high in the middle 70's.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings you will most likely be wanting a jacket in the morning and some gumbo in the evening. Low temperatures on those days will dip into the low 50-degree range for a delicious deviation from the hellish heat and humidity we've been experiencing.

Welcome back Fall. We certainly have been waiting for you to arrive.

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