This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming discussed among other things:

  • Shooting Safety
  • AR vs AK
  • Missouri Senate Bill 613
  • Smart guns go on sale in California

Each week we start 'Firearms Friday' with a discussion of firearm safety and this week Fleming said,

When you go out shooting you need eye protection and ear protection. Obviously, the ear protection is so you don't go deaf. Eye protection, guns are mechanical devices and sometimes something goes wrong with them. You need protection. It's just like when you go to a construction site you don't anticipate getting hit on the head but you wear your hardhat.

We've heard a lot of debate about ARs versus AK's so we asked Fleming to compare the two for us. According to Fleming,

Both of these are semi-auto, sporting rifles. None of them are fully automatic...There is no right answer it's all personal preference. Me, I'm an AR guy. The ARs are more refined basically...They're better ergonomically. It shoots better. There are more caliber choices. The AK you have to remember was invented for mass production. They wanted Ivan the potato farmer to defend against the Great Satan of the United States are actually NATO. They wanted something that was easy to work with, to just 'point and spray' and Ivan would be happy with it. Well, they really succeeded with that! I don't care what you do with an AK it's going to work.

Missouri said if any Federal agents try to breach 2nd Amendment rights we're going to throw you in jail.

When asked about the importance of a Missouri Senate bill, Fleming responded by saying,

This is really cool. The Missouri bill passed the Senate and it nullifies virtually every gun control measure on the books. Past, present, or future...Basically what they are doing is thumbing their noses at the Federal government, specifically at the ATF.  Missouri said if any Federal agents try to breach 2nd Amendment rights we're going to throw you in jail.

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