I am just going to put this one out there so that you completely understand where I'm coming from on this one.

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I've met Louisiana Representative Danny McCormick from Oil City. I happen to think he's one of the few good guys in politics these days. And I completely agree with his idea to allow Louisiana adults who are non-felons, to conceal carry firearms without the need for a permit.

I'm pretty sure that criminals are currently conceal-carrying without a permit, so why shouldn't law abiding citizens have the same right for self-protection?

Mccormick4la via Facebook
Mccormick4la via Facebook

Regardless of what you think of Representative McCormick, or of his rationale on this issue, you've certainly got to applaud his persistence. This is the third consecutive year he has run this bill up the political flagpole and it would appear he'll not stop until he sees this become law in Louisiana.

In a story from the Louisiana Radio Network we learn that McCormick's bill received the backing of Senate Judiciary B yesterday with a four-to-one vote.

McCormick continues to maintain that it is a Constitutional right for all gun owners to be able to conceal carry without the need for a government mandated permit.

Representative McCormick states, “We’ve given the rights back to everybody except the law-abiding citizens of Louisiana and that’s all I’m asking for.”

Photo by Moussa81
Photo by Moussa81

Though the bill has moved one step closer to passage climbing this recent rung on the political ladder, there are those who oppose the measure.

Fabian Blache, executive director of the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police says he's afraid this legislation would allow more people to carry firearms without the proper training to fully understand the responsibility of owning that weapon.

"Now you are going to tell them all they can pack, so now you got 12 or 14 people, all armed and not trained and not when they can discharge and when they get hot-headed they are just going to fire,” said Blache.

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