When Aaron decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Jianna, he wanted to make it extra special.

So instead of the traditional romantic dinner, or holiday proposal among family and friends he decided to go with a little bit of everything (plus a flash mob-style dance routine) to let her know that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Jianna thought she was having lunch with Aaron and his mom, but she had no clue that Aaron had a choreographed proposal planned for her. Videotape was rolling and the person who filmed it had this to say about the proposal.

I had the pleasure of filming a proposal that Aaron worked extremely hard on planning for months. I had never even met the couple until this but boy are they something special! I was tearing up while filming this. The love they share is beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS AARON & JIANNA!!!! So happy I was able to finally post this!

Congrats to the beautiful couple and we wish them the best!

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