There's nothing like a nice cold beer on a really hot day. While beer drinkers might still reach for that ice cold longneck when the weather gets hot a new survey shows that more and more beer drinkers are turning to another diversion. That diversion is marijuana.

You might be asking why is that such a big deal? If they live in a state where it's legal there shouldn't be a problem, right? Well, the problem is fast becoming an economic one for the nation's beer industry.

One report in Money magazine suggested that one in four beer drinkers would put down the suds in favor of a spliff if pot was legal in their state. Officials in the beer industry are noticing sharp declines in beer sales where marijuana is sold. It is speculated that if pot was legalized across the country the beer industry would almost $2 billion in sales.

Now, don't feel too sorry for the beer industry they are doing quite fine but $2 billion in lost revenue is something that you would notice. In case you were wondering beer sales across the nation are in the trillions of dollars. In 2013 it was estimated that beer sales in the United States were $ 1,760,000,000. We obviously like beer.

It's becoming clearer and clearer that the "battle" to legalize marijuana across the nation will soon run into a very stiff opposition from the powerful alcohol lobby. President Trump has already stated that his administration promises to enforce federal laws but is still very open to state's making their own choices on the matter.

In Louisiana marijuana is not legal. However, there have been changes in the state's medical marijuana laws. There are plans in place for the state to actually grow the plants and then prepare the product for medical use. There has been a push in the state legislature to legalize marijuana for recreational use but those efforts have not been passed into law.

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