The state Office of Community Development says they are now encouraging flood victims who have already filled out the Restore Louisiana survey to complete a formal application for aid. OCD Executive Director Pat Forbes says they've received about 46,300 surveys.

"38,000 of those folks are probably eligible for our program," said Forbes. "We've sent them all invitations to apply. That's the next step, to complete an application."

Restore Louisiana's process is in two parts so that homeowners wouldn't be forced to stop repairs on their home while they applied for aid. Forbes says they know that about 38,400 homeowners have been extended invitations to apply for aid.

"If they have received an invitation then it's worth their while to complete an application an let us do the calculations and see," said Forbes.

The homeowner assistance program so far has offered grant awards totaling $122 million dollars to 4200 applicants. Forbes says they are now serving every phase of the process to get people the help they need.

"We have contractors out in the field building houses, we've distributed funds to people through closings, and we continue to process applications," said Forbes.

Find out more online at Restore.La.Gov.

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